Scheduled training classes are broken out by the month, week and Volunteer training nights. Volunteer night sessions are designed to accommodate Volunteer member’s day jobs, provide additional opportunities for paid personnel to work with Volunteers and meet the requirements for nighttime drills. Class subjects are color coded on the schedule as follows:

Core Subjects – Red
Officer – Yellow
Medical – Blue
Special Operations/Technical Rescue – Green
Haz Mat – Orange
Driver Operator – Purple

The classes included in the plan were determined after a Department review of NFPA 1001, Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications, Federal/State (OSHA) requirements, other applicable guidance and the needs of the department. This schedule maintains our capabilities to respond to all anticipated hazards and effectively support our local, state and federal partners.  Additional training is scheduled on an as needed basis to accommodate new or changing hazards and to take advantage of short notice opportunities.

Mutual Aid training with surrounding departments is conducted at least quarterly and is scheduled based on availability.